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Reflections - On The Pulse

Hey everyone,

So I just got home from On The Pulse and I really feel like I need to let all you guys know just how much I appreciate tonight. So I have taken to my tumblr once again ;)

I think tonight you Flicks fans have truly shown how much you care about this band… I couldn’t have ever asked for a better send off or a better show. There is nothing i would change… nothing at all.

The entire set from beginning to end was so special, but it was during the end of To The Edge when i was standing on the barrier with the crowd in front of me and some of the coolest friends a guy could ask for behind me I truly realized how lucky I am.

All I want to say is to the people that were there from the beginning thankyou so much for supporting us when we weren’t worth supporting. To everyone else who we have somehow picked up along the way… thank you for making this dream a reality. Every time you buy a shirt, Cd, Poster or come to a show you are making everything we do possible.

I know that right now the future is uncertain and it is hard to say when we will be back but if there was one thing that makes me want to play in a band more than anything in the world it would be our set tonight at On The Pulse. So thanks to everyone in the crowd, everyone on stage, every band that played, Every Flicks fan that ever did anything for us and especially thanks to Marc Mancini for making On The Pulse happen… together you have given us the best send off we could ever hope for.

I love you all and hope to see you again very soon,


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Fightstar always has absolutely amazing album artwork… except for the cow. Not sure what was going on there.

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The Future Of FLICKS

To all our beloved Friends, Family and Fans. Earlier this week for the first time in a month Flicks sat down as a full band and discussed our future together. It was good to all be together again after the trip to New Zealand and finally be able to talk together about where Flicks is headed in the future. In this meeting we all talked very candidly and openly about what we wanted to get out of the band and where we saw it heading. The final decision we have come to is a hard one but we feel it is also the right one. We have come to the decision that we will be going on an extended break from playing shows. We are all going to go our separate ways for a little while to try and write some truly exciting new music for you all. It is important to understand that we are all good friends still and that Flicks is not dead. We have been playing the same songs and basically the same set for so long we need to breathe new life into the band and reinvent ourselves to some extent with new music. This does mean that On The Pulse ( ) will be our last Full band Brisbane show for an extended period. Tickets are still on sale and we would love to see all of you there! tickets are available here: we’d love to see as many of our fans showing support at On The Pulse as possible… even if you have to fly down from North Queensland ;). We are also planning on playing a charity event on the 28th of October in Sydney so don’t worry Sydney fans you get to see us too. You guys have always been so supportive of us, we have some of the most enthusiastic, supportive and amazing fans ever and we truly appreciate everything you do for us to help spread word about the band. We will be back we just don’t know when… but it will be with new music and better than ever. This is not goodbye… we’ll see you again Love, Adam, Michael, Hugh and Andy

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Why I’m Not In New Zealand Right Now.

Hey everyone,

So over the last day or so as I have continued to update my Twitter and Facebook about work and things very Brisbane related I have had a few concerned fans point out that I should be in New Zealand right now. Once I confirmed that I’m not in New Zealand with the rest of Flicks I then had more fans wondering why… becuase it is impossible to reply to all of you over twitter here is the ‘official’ statement so to speak, right here on my tumblr.

A month or so ago I made the decision to go back to study next year. As many of my close friends know this is something that I have wanted to do for a while now and I finally decided to go ahead and do it. In order to do that however I have to do some bridging courses and things like that so right now I need to be in Brisbane to sort all that out. So we have a good friend of ours Peter Eckel from the Brissie band I Am Villain stepping in and playing bass for me.

I’ve had a couple of people ask if I’m still in Flicks and the short answer is Yes. I am still in the band and still on good terms with all of the members. They are giving me some space to sort out my study plans for next year and I really appreciate this. This being said I don’t know how my study next year will impact the band. I haven’t studied while playing in Flicks for a very long time and the reason I stopped studying was because the band was getting in the way a lot. My plan is to work my ass off and fit both full time study and Songwriting/touring in… however it is yet to be seen whether I will be able to do this effectively.

One thing I do want to make completely clear to all you Flicks fans is I love playing in Flicks and I love writing new music for all of you to listen to… I will try my hardest to continue with Flicks and continue releasing music for you all to enjoy. As the rest of this year unfolds and 2011 begins it will become clearer how involved or uninvolved with Flicks I will be. At the moment I am just as unsure about my future as you guys are and once I know more you will be the first to know.

All I can say with certainty right now is that I will see all of you at On the Pulse on the 23rd of October at the Hive in Brisbane!/event.php?eid=140753029297534&ref=ts

Love to you all


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So turns out I am loved… it’s good to feel loved :P
No I did not take this myself…. it was taken by an anonymous admirer

or pink bits.

So turns out I am loved… it’s good to feel loved :P No I did not take this myself…. it was taken by an anonymous admirer or pink bits.

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You get some strange looking people in Sizzler during the day… they are this level of freaky.